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퀀텀 숙면 안대

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Looking to relieve tension around the eyes? Stressful day at work? Relax muscle fatigue and ease eye strain with the Quantum Energy mask. Soft feel material with an adjustable strap, reinforced padding on the inside for added comfort and ultimate relaxation. Mask constructed of quantum energy fusion fabric, provides gentle stress relief and block out unwanted light as you relax and sleep.

Quantum Energy (QELBY) is a scientifically patented technology infusing active particles into material that has tremendous benefits:

  • Relieves soreness, lowers tension and reduces stress.

  • Releases oxygen into the skin, great for circulation

  • Aids in regulating body temperature

  • Adds balance and energy to your day


Harness the QELBY energy around your eyes for faster healing and support


Size: Standard Adult, ONE-SIZE-FITS-MOST

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